Sophie Mills Ditchling yoga

About Sophie

Sophie thinks yoga is the answer to just about all of life’s most important questions and never underestimates the grounding it provides to allow her to fully see life in all its light. She is forever grateful for the strength and clarity that yoga can provide at times when life is challenging. Sophie is a senior yoga teacher (SYT) registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This is the highest level of accreditation and demonstrates rigorous standards of training and practice. Sophie is certified to teach yoga classes, CPD training and yoga teacher training courses.

Sophie has been teaching yoga classes in Sussex since 2000.

She lived in India over a 3 year period where she taught daily classes at the Purple Valley yoga centre and assisted on their teacher-training courses. In India she was lucky enough to attend workshops taught by many of the most well-known yoga teachers from many different yoga schools. She now lives in Ditchling, Sussex with her husband and 4 children where she teaches regular classes and workshops.

Sophie also holds a BA (hons) in education and P.E. Before having her own children, she worked as a primary school teacher and with children with special needs, trained in bodywork including Thai yoga massage and also trained with Janet Balaskas in pregnancy yoga.

'I practise yoga daily because it makes me feel happy and relaxed. Yoga allows me to know myself better and has given me the strength and grounding to carry and raise four children. My wish is to provide creative, enjoyable yoga classes which encourage students to breathe deeply, strengthen the body and relax the mind, helping their bodies to become healthy and their minds to feel relaxed and inspired.'

Sophie Mills Ditchling Yoga

With Gratitude

I am forever grateful to the many teachers who have helped me on my yoga journey. With enormous gratitude to Ginny, Trish, Dawn, Emil, Nyamgal, Chloe and Pete.